Appetite Bistro opened its doors in March 2014 in Calle Sant Magi, in the Santa Catalina in Palma.

Your Cheff Bonnie, originating in Singapore, is considered a citizen of the world, after passing through several destinations in Southeast Asia, Australia and Valencia, opened in Palma this cozy bistro with an interesting gastronomic. Appetite offers from brunch to a nice dinner, with healthy food and tasty, some premium products carefully chosen by Bonnie every day in the neighborhood market. When photographing the Bistro Appetite found an interesting combination of colors and decorations, evoking the summer sailor palmesano. Appetite lighting Bistro has been well maintained to provide diners a pleasant visual sensation, I had this in mind when illuminating the room with flashes, respecting the look that was given from the beginning. When photographing the dishes and drinks, Of interest was the variety of colors that were presented, both crabs and lobster return us that red and deep orange to bring joy to your kitchen. Appetite Bistro tables have different configuration, you can eat with a large group of friends and also go a couple or alone. The spaces were achieved successfully and is nice to sit at their tables to enjoy the creations of Bonnie.